Baby K’tan Review: Is it really worth your money?

Are you considering using the Baby K’tan carrier for your newborn? Although it’s one of the easiest baby wraps to put on, this honest Baby K’tan review from a first-time mom will help you decide if it’s worth your money.

baby k'tan review

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The fourth trimester.

When your baby wants to be held all day and night even though you desperately need to take a shower and get more than 1 hour of sleep.   

This was just one of many things I wasn’t prepared for once becoming a new mom. 

You do all of this research trying to be perfectly prepared for your little one but you have no idea what you need and what will sit in the closet collecting dust.

After doing a lot of research I added the Baby K’tan to my baby registry.

I want to share with you why I chose the Baby K’tan (original version) over the Moby Wrap, Boba Wrap, and the Infantino convertible baby carrier and if I think I made the right decision now that my daughter is 20 months old. 

This post is NOT sponsored by Baby K’tan. It’s an honest review from a real mom who received this product as a baby shower gift because I chose to put it on my baby registry.

But if you’re not very familiar with the Baby K’tan let’s talk about that first. 

The heartwarming story behind the Baby K’tan

While researching different baby carriers, the loving story behind the Baby K’tan stuck with me. 

It was founded in 2007 by two families that had been close friends for years. Both families were raising a child with special needs along with their other children. 

They needed a way to carry their new babies close to them without spending all day sitting on the couch neglecting everything and everyone else. 

After trying and being disappointed by the available slings, carriers, and wraps they ended up creating their own baby carrier that combined style, ease of use, and comfort. 


The moment of truth 

Just like the families who created the Baby K’tan, I knew that I would be wearing my daughter as much as possible while I was cleaning or doing laundry. 

While browsing baby carriers I was looking for one that was:

  • Quick and easy to put on with a squirming baby
  • Comfortable and wouldn’t cause my back to hurt (because my back occasionally hurts from working as a CNA and a nurse)
  • Breathable because research has shown overheating increases the risk of SIDS

The Baby K’tan stood out to me because: 

  • It had 5 different wearing positions 
  • Supports a child up to 35lbs
  • Had a majority of 5 star rating reviews 
  • Looked simple to put on (which we’ll talk more about this later)

It was also similar in price to the Moby Wrap without all the excess fabric. 

I had my baby carrier options narrowed down to the Baby K’tan, Moby Wrap, Boba Wrap, and Infantino. 

mom wearing child in baby k'tan baby carrier

Here’s why the other options were eliminated 

I considered the Moby Wrap and the Boba Wrap but I didn’t like the idea of messing with wraps and fooling around with all of that fabric while holding a baby. 

Plus I was terrified I would do it wrong and she would fall out which is pretty much every mom’s fear when using a baby carrier. 

So the Moby Wrap and Boba Wrap were off the list. 

The other option was the Infantino convertible carrier. I thought it looked too bulky but my husband liked it. After reading through some Amazon reviews we saw a few too many negative reviews and decided not to add it to the baby registry. 

Side note: we did end up buying the Infantino carrier when she was about 8 months old and took it back the next day because it was indeed too bulky and hurt his back while wearing it around the mall. 

The Baby K’tan made it on the baby registry because we didn’t have to mess around with rings, excess fabric, belts, or any buckles. 

It’s a baby wrap without all the wrapping. 

Although the Baby K’tan is awesome…

What I love about it is that:

  • It’s quick and easy to put on
  • My hands were free to get stuff done around the house
  • It’s stretchy but still snug and secure 
  • It came with a manual that had instructions and step-by-step pictures of the different wearing positions 
  • It’s lightweight material so I wasn’t sweating even though my daughter is hot-natured
  • I wasn’t worried about her falling out 
  • She would fall asleep as soon as I put her in it
  • I could breastfeed while wearing it

You can tell the Baby K’tan was made out of necessity because it checks so many boxes that moms look for in a baby carrier. 

…it’s not perfect 

Although I love the Baby K’tan, it still has flaws just like any other product.

Let’s talk about the features that could be improved and make this baby carrier even better. 

Sometimes difficult to put on 

At times it was difficult to get my daughter in the carrier and adjust the straps while holding her. 

As she got older and more wiggly (about 4 months), we stopped using it because she wouldn’t stay still long enough for me to get it positioned. 

This could happen with all baby carriers but since I’ve only used the Baby K’tan it’s considered a con. 

Sizing is crucial 

You HAVE to get the right size or it’ll be too small and you feel like you’re squishing your baby or it’s too loose and you’re terrified your baby will fall out.

I ordered mine as an extra small according to the size chart but there was no way both of us would’ve been able to breathe. Luckily, they let me exchange it for a size small which worked perfectly.

But this meant my husband could only fit it while she was a newborn because he would need a bigger size (which is why we ended up getting the Infantino later). 

husband using baby k'tan

As she got older and bigger (and I didn’t lose any baby weight), we couldn’t fit it anymore. But by that time she was pretty independent and preferred her bouncer. 

What you really need to know 

Adjusting to a newborn sleep schedule (or lack thereof) was difficult. 

I was frustrated by the sound of my husband breathing and I cried just as much as my daughter. 

The sink was always full of dishes, almost every corner had a cobweb, and each of us only had one pair of clean underwear on multiple occasions. 

She was a few weeks old when I finally remembered I had a Baby K’tan carrier sitting in her crib that was mainly being used as storage. 

My life changed. 

I was able to stay on top of the housework (most of the time) and felt like I finally pulled myself out of the baby blues toilet bowl. 

I no longer felt like a terrible wife because my husband ate fast food 4 days in a row. And even though he was trying to help, he can’t cook and when he cleans I can’t even notice.

The Baby K’tan was pivotal in me being able to get anything done with a newborn


Do I regret my decision?

I would purchase the Baby K’tan again. Although with the next baby I’ll try the Moby Wrap just to compare them. 

It’s quick and easy to put on and I love having the 5 different wearing positions. 

The most important part is that it’ll help you get things done around the house while still holding your baby close.

The many 5 star Amazon reviews gave me the confidence to choose the Baby K’tan over the other baby carriers and I feel like it was the perfect choice for my family. 

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