Creating a breastfeeding station is the perfect way to make sure you have everything you need during each nursing session.

how to create the perfect breastfeeding station

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You’re up again breastfeeding your sweet baby in the middle of the night. You sit down in your comfy chair, get your baby latched, and hear your stomach growl so loud it startles both of you. 

But your granola bars are all the way in the kitchen. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to sit down and have everything you need all in one place? 

This ultimate breastfeeding station guide will help you stay stocked and prepared.

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What is a breastfeeding station? 

A breastfeeding station is a designated area that has everything you need during a nursing session.

This can be in your room, a nursery, or even the living room. Wherever you are most comfortable feeding your baby is where your breastfeeding station should be. 

If you don’t have space for a breastfeeding station or you plan on nursing in different locations, create a breastfeeding basket with the supplies from the list. 

That way you can still have everything you need but now you can take it with you!

Setting up your breastfeeding station

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re deciding on the location of your breastfeeding station:


Make sure your breastfeeding station is in a place that has good airflow so it’s not hot and stuffy. You also want to make sure it’s not directly under an air vent.

It’s recommended that the temperature remain between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit for your baby’s comfort.


If you set up your breastfeeding station in your baby’s nursery then decide to keep them in your room during the night, it’s likely you won’t feel like walking all the way to their room in the middle of the night. 

If you room share with your baby consider setting up your breastfeeding station in your room or somewhere near so you’re more likely to use it.


Find nursing positions that are comfortable for you and your baby since the two of you will be there awhile.  

I also enjoy having my breastfeeding station near a window so we can get some sunlight and spy on our neighborhood.


Ensure that there’s enough room for everything you need so you don’t have to skimp on important items. 

Depending on the amount of space you have available and what you want to keep near during nursing sessions, your breastfeeding station could be a basket or a nursery organizer (this is the one I use). 

Make sure it is within arm’s reach without being in your way.

When to set up your breastfeeding station

Once you’ve decided on the location of your breastfeeding station you should start getting it set up. 

Some moms are super eager and excited to decorate and have everything ready to go by 20 weeks. 

Other moms (like me!) wait until the last minute and may not even get everything prepared before their baby arrives. 

There’s so much to get done before going into labor so getting this checked off your list as early as possible will be one less task to worry about.

Breastfeeding station supplies

This is all of the items to consider having in your breastfeeding station so you can be prepared and not have to interrupt your nursing sessions.

1. Nursery chair

Find a comfortable nursery chair since you will be spending the bulk of your time there. I have a glider with an ottoman that I love, but other options include a rocking chair or a recliner.

Having a comfortable place to sit in nursing station is essential since you’ll be spending a majority of your time there.

2. Nursing pillow

Whether you use a Boppy or My Brest Friend nursing pillow, keep it near so you can easily grab it.

3. Blanket

Sometimes you may want to throw a blanket over your baby (or yourself) during a nursing session. Have a plush blanket or swaddle handy.

4. Haakaa

While your baby is nursing take the opportunity to use your haakaa (or milk saver) and catch some milk from the side your baby isn’t nursing on. It’ll come in handy for building your milk stash.

Use this manual breast pump to catch milk on the side you’re not nursing from to build up your milk stash. 

5. Burp cloths

Sometimes spit happens! In those cases have a burp cloth handy to quickly clean up the mess. You may want to have a couple just in case they spit up a small pond of milk.

6. Baby wipes

If you find it difficult to keep your little one awake for feedings, especially at night, keep baby wipes nearby. Rub a cool (not cold) wipe along their hairline to arouse them back awake.

7. Nursing pads

It’s not uncommon to leak milk while your baby is nursing. If you’re not catching that precious liquid gold in your haakaa these nursing pads will do the trick.

8. Nipple cream

Use your nipple cream after each nursing session to prevent dry, cracked nipples, which can be very painful.

Using your nipple cream after each nursing session will prevent dry, cracked, and bleeding nipples.  

9. Hair ties

Instead of fighting to keep your hair back out of you and your baby’s face, keep a few hair ties at your breastfeeding station.

10. Chapstick

Dry lips are the worst! Having chapstick within reach is a necessity so you’re not licking your lips like a maniac the entire time and drying them out even more.

11. Baby tracker app

My favorite baby tracker app is called “Baby Tracker.” Simple and to the point! It keeps track of how long you nurse and if you pump any milk it will track your freezer stash as well.

12. Water bottle

Staying hydrated is how your body makes plenty of liquid gold for your baby. You need about 12 cups of water a day but this amount varies from person to person.

13. Snacks

To get the extra calories you need from nursing, keep a few healthy snacks at your breastfeeding station. Simple snacks like granola bars and trail mix are easy to eat while nursing.

14. Nightlight

For those middle of the night nursing sessions, the last thing you want to do is fully wake up your baby! This night light is subtle and is also a white noise machine that’ll help keep your little one sleepy.

This night light is amazing because you can control how bright you want it to be and it’s also a sound machine which will be soothing to your baby. 

15. Phone charger

Some babies nurse for over 20 minutes at a time. I keep this 10ft phone charger from my hospital bag within reach because I love searching Pinterest to keep me awake in the middle of the night.

16. Small trash can

If you have an assortment of snacks at your breastfeeding station you may want to have a small trash can so you can throw wrappers away instead of collecting a huge pile of trash.

Famous last words…

Once you’ve decided that breastfeeding is the best option for you and your baby it’s never too early to start learning and preparing your breastfeeding supplies. 

A breastfeeding station will provide a cozy location that’s stocked with the necessities you’ll need for the many nursing sessions ahead. 


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how to create the perfect breastfeeding station
the essential breastfeeding station must-haves
16 must haves for a perfect breastfeeding station

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  1. I’ve always heard of pillows like this but I’ve never read a review before. I like the idea of letting the babe use it to play with on the ground while you need time to relax and not hold them for a while!

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