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Deciding which breastfeeding supplies you’ll need to have a successful breastfeeding journey can be difficult. Here are the items that will help you master breastfeeding.

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You’re trying to get prepared for your breastfeeding journey, but you have no idea where to start!

There’s so much information saying you need these 37 items and to breastfeed on your head to be successful.

All you really need are boobs and a great lactation consultant!

These are the items that I felt were helpful for me to have a successful adventure in the world of breastfeeding. (Make sure you don’t miss anything on this list by checking out the breastfeeding supplies checklist!)

You can be fearless and have a great start with the right products.

1. Nipple cream

This is definitely a life saver, especially in those first few weeks when your body is trying to figure out what the heck is happening!

This nipple cream is great for soothing super sore nipples.

You will love this cream because you don’t have to worry about wiping it off prior to nursing.

When your baby is cluster feeding and eating every 15 minutes you and your nipples will be ecstatic you have this cream.

Use your nipple cream after every feeding session for the first 6-8 weeks.

If you need more relief than the nipple cream can provide try these soothing pads.

After that, your hormones start regulating and your nipples aren’t as sore.

2. Nursing pillow

I’ve always used a boppy pillow and I love it!

It’s so convenient when you’re first learning the different latching positions to hold your baby, especially if you had a c-section like I did.

You can comfortably get your baby latched without any pain on your incision.

A close second option is this one that my friend swears by.

The thing that sold me on the boppy was all of the different uses for the entire first year.

It’s so versatile that you can use it for so much more than just nursing.

We prop my daughter up on it for tummy time or use it to support her while she’s learning to sit up on her own.

And all of the cute slipcover options are awesome too!

3. Haakaa

This is great for catching milk letdown from the side your baby is not nursing on.

You can quickly build up your freezer stash by using this during every feeding session.

When I tried to use my Haakaa I got nothing for the first few times. That’s because I was using it wrong.

Here’s a quick video so you can see how to use it properly and not waste any liquid gold.

If you are using it correctly you can easily collect milk every time you nurse.

Without the haakaa you could be losing out on a lot of milk that your baby needs.

4. Double Electric Breast pump

This is a big necessity if you need to build a freezer stash before returning back to work.

You can get many ounces of milk very quick by pumping both sides at once.

And a lot of the pumps come with totes so you can easily pack up your pump and take it with you.

Check with your insurance before buying your own pump.

I was able to get this pump for free through my health insurance provider.

5. Milk storage bags

You’ll need milk storage bags if you plan on pumping. These bags lie flat allowing you to store plenty of milk without taking up all of the room in your freezer. 

They also have a spout which makes it easy for you to pour the milk into a bottle without spilling any of your precious liquid gold. 

To keep your milk organized there are labels on each bag so you’ll know the quantity, the date and time it was pumped, and a place for your child’s name if you’re sending the milk with a caregiver.

In order to not waste milk a great idea is to only store 2-3 ounces in each bag so you don’t waste 3 ounces of milk when your baby only needs an extra 2 ounces to get them full.

6. Nursing bras

Nursing bras make life so much easier.

Whenever your baby is ready to eat you can quickly and easily unsnap the bra with one hand.

They have nursing pads in them which are great for catching leaks.

Make sure you change the pads when they get wet to prevent skin irritation or a thrush infection.

These are like sports bras so they’re super comfy and provide great support.

7. Disposable Nursing pads 

Nursing pads are useful after your milk “comes in” which usually happens about 2-4 days after giving birth. 

You may notice you’re leaking milk and your boobs feel full. 

These nursing pads will keep you from leaking through your clothes. You may only need to use them for the first month until your supply stabilizes. 

They are also great to keep on hand if you have an oversupply as well.

8. Robe

The first 6 weeks after delivery you feel like your baby is attached to your boobs like a leech.

They nurse so frequently that it’s pointless to wear a shirt that you’ll be wrestling to lift up every hour and a half to 2 hours.

A robe is convenient in the hospital as well.

You’re so busy adjusting to motherhood that getting dressed is no longer a priority.

This will make transitioning to motherhood easier because you still feel put together with little effort.

9. Co-sleeper

Whether your baby is in bed with you or beside the bed a co-sleeper will be a game changer.

You can feed your baby without even getting out of the bed. It’s aggravating when you finally get your little one back to sleep and now you can’t fall asleep.

Getting in and out of the bed all night can be painful after a c-section.

This co-sleeper is great because they can be asleep in bed with you but safe in their own little area.

10. Baby Carrier

Babywearing is so convenient whether you’re around the house or out in public.

Typically during the fourth trimester (birth – 3 months), your baby will want to be held almost constantly.

This will help you be able to get things done around the house while your baby is content.

There are so many different kinds so you’ll want to see which one fits your needs the best.

I prefer the Baby K’tan because it’s really simple and quick to put on. Plus you can nurse your baby while they’re in the carrier as well.

11. Nipple shields

If the pain of breastfeeding is too much or you’re having issues with latching, a nipple shield can provide more assistance.

A nipple shield is a temporary option that is recommended not to be used longer than the first week after birth. 

This is because they can cause problems like clogged milk ducts if your baby isn’t getting enough milk or your baby can develop nipple confusion. 

If a nipple shield is what works for you and your baby, definitely use it as long as you need to.

12. Nipple-like bottles

This is completely trial and error.

You may have to try a few different kinds of bottles before discovering which one your baby prefers or exclusively breastfeeding.

It’s important to check the nipple size and flow. Ensure that it’s similar to when they are breastfeeding so that they don’t favor the bottle over you.

It’s also useful to do paced feeding as well. They will eat at the same rate they would when they’re breastfeeding.

13. Vitamin D drops

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that breastfed babies have 400 IU everyday of vitamin D. They should start this the first few days of life.

Most moms don’t get enough vitamin D to pass to their baby. According to the La Leche League, mom would need a high dose to pass enough to baby.

Of course it’s always suggested that you speak with a medical professional before beginning any kind of medication. This will make sure it is safe.

We were instructed at her 2 month appointment to start her on Vitamin D 400 IU daily.

But every doctor has their own opinions and recommendations.

Famous last words…

This simple list of breastfeeding supplies will help you start your journey prepared and fearless!

These aren’t necessities but I’ve used every product on this list and I trust them enough to recommend them to you.

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  1. Breast feeder here!! Definitely the double pump was great. I do wish I did a better job of catching milk from the sides baby wasn’t feeding on.

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