11 Essentials For Your Diaper Changing Table [Checklist]

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These diaper changing table essentials will make your life easier each time you change your baby’s diaper. Having a designated diaper changing station ensures you have everything you need for each diaper change.

11 essentials for your diaper changing table

Are you the type of person who loves to have everything prepared and organized before you start a task? 

When we brought my daughter home, I loved that everything we needed for a diaper change was in one convenient location. 

Changing a diaper is not nearly as easy as it was on the mannequin we practiced on during our childbirth class. 

Wanna know one major difference?

Your baby will actually be squirming around like a worm trying to beat an ant to its next meal. 

Legs going one way, arms going the other way, and there may be a cry or two thrown in there. 

Here’s what you need to make this process go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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1. Diapers

I know I sound like captain obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times I’ve gone to change a diaper and there’s not any. 

I told my husband that’s like using the last copy of an important paper at work and not making more copies…rude! 

Always make sure you have diapers stocked at your changing station. When you notice them getting low, go ahead and fill them back up. 

I love using Amazon Family to have our diapers and wipes automatically shipped to us each month. (We use this brand of diapers if you’re looking for a good option).

That’s one less thing to worry about and if it looks like we may run out early I can easily get them shipped sooner.

Mom tip: Before you start changing your baby’s diaper, have the diaper open and ready for use so you’re not fumbling around with it in one hand while your other hand is trying to keep your baby on the changing pad.

2. Wipes

Another crucial item to have at your diaper changing station is wipes. 

I always pull at least 2 wipes out of the pack before I get started changing my daughter’s diaper. 

That way they’ll be ready to go and I won’t have to fumble around with the pack when 6 wipes are trying to come out at once and I only need 1. 

This is my favorite brand of wipes that we’ve been using on her sensitive skin since she was born.

3. Diaper rash cream

This is nice to have on hand just in case you ever need it. 

I got this diaper rash cream as a baby shower gift and we’ve mostly used it when her bottom looked red so we could prevent a diaper rash. 

And if you don’t want to get your finger dirty when applying the cream, you may love this handy item. We also got this as a baby shower gift and I think my husband used it a few times.

Mom tip: Another great, natural option for diaper rash treatment and prevention is coconut oil. I let her bottom dry and spread on a thin layer that acts as a barrier from moisture.

4. Pacifier or toy

Sometimes your baby may get fussy or bored while they’re lying down for a diaper change. And it only gets harder as they become more mobile.

Having a pacifier and a few toy options will keep your baby entertained until you’re finished. 

Since my daughter has never taken a pacifier, we always keep a small basket of toys close by that I can grab with one hand if she starts moving around and gets frustrated.

5. Extra changing pad cover 

Although this may be more common with boys, my daughter has peed on the changing pad before we got the next diaper on.

Always have a spare changing pad cover washed and ready to replace the dirty one.

6. Diaper disposal method 

Plenty of moms use a diaper pail and plenty of moms don’t. 

We didn’t get a diaper pail because the liners seemed too expensive for our one-income family and I heard that they don’t contain the smell very well. 

We use a small trash can and change the bag once a day. If there’s a really stinky diaper we’ll go ahead and take it outside to the big trash can.

7. Extra outfit 

Sometimes you may want to change your baby’s outfit for many reasons.

They need a long sleeve shirt or you spilled food on it (I dropped salsa in my daughter’s hair 🙈, but her outfit was fine). 

And sometimes you may notice their pants are wet but the diaper is completely dry. 

For any of these instances, have a spare outfit on hand.

8. Hamper

Having a dirty clothes hamper is uber convenient so you can drop the dirty clothes in and go. 

You won’t be trying to gather up your baby, the toy they have a death grip on, and the pile of clothes that mysteriously have pee on them.

9. Grooming kit 

While your baby is content, now is a good time to clip their nails or brush their hair. 

I use diaper changing time to put lotion on my daughter’s dry skin and do whatever small grooming tasks I struggle to do while she’s not entertained.

Mom tip: Have a small blanket to cover your baby if they won’t have pants or a onesie on while you’re grooming them.

10. Night light

During those middle of the night changes, I LOVE this night light. It’s also a sound machine which will help keep your baby relaxed and sleepy. 

Before I got this night light I had a lamp that was so bright I had to throw a shirt over the top of the lampshade to make it dimmer (which is probably a fire hazard). 

With this night light sound machine combo, I can easily adjust the brightness of the light from my phone and the white noise (there’s many different options) drowns out the sound of me opening the wipes.

11. Hand sanitizer 

Trying to wash your hands after every diaper change may dry your hands out. And if your baby is still in the stage where they want to be held 24/7 (which is normal), washing your hands may not be an option. 

Having hand sanitizer at your diaper changing station will make your life way easier. 

I can simply apply the hand sanitizer before I even pick her up after changing her diaper.

Nurse tip: After a few times of using the hand sanitizer you may want to go ahead and wash the residue off your hands.

Famous last words…

Having a diaper changing station will make your life so much easier. 

You’ll have everything in one area so you don’t have to keep stopping and grabbing things or yelling, “One more thing, I need a short sleeve onesie. Oh, and socks. And go ahead and bring another pair of footed pajamas. Not the snap ones the one with a zipper. The green one is too small so don’t bring that one.” 

And if your husband is anything like mine he brings a long sleeve onesie and the green too small footed pajamas!

Having a diaper caddy is also convenient so you can change a diaper without missing any of “YOU” on Netflix. Just put the items on this list in there as well and you’re set!

Grab your free cheat sheet to find out 5 easy ways to overcome your labor fears even if you’re terrified of contractions and the thought of an epidural makes you want to cry.

11 diaper changing essentials that make life easier

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