5 Comfy Christmas Maternity Shirts For Under $20

These Christmas maternity shirts are cute and comfortable. Style your bump for the holidays with these budget friendly tops.

5 christmas maternity shirts for under $20

One of the best things about being pregnant during Christmas is you get to eat an excessive amount of food without being judged!

And one of the worst things about being pregnant during Christmas is everyone and their mom wants to touch your belly. 

These super cute Christmas maternity shirts may make the belly touching even worse, but at least you’ll be cute and comfortable for all of the extra food you consume. 

Plus if you’re on a tight budget, most of these shirts are under $20. 

These shirts are also great as a pregnancy announcement!

1. Santa Baby

This black long sleeve Santa Baby shirt will make you feel cute even though you’re carrying around the extra weight in the form of a small human. 

When I was pregnant I felt most comfortable in long-sleeve shirts because I felt like they covered my “flabby arms.” 

Pregnancy changes our body’s a lot so it’s important to dress however you feel comfortable. 

I like this shirt because it’s simple and cute. Get it as loose or form-fitting as you like.

2. Bumps First Christmas

This comfy short sleeve shirt is soft and you may be surprised at how well it fits. 

I bought so many maternity shirts that were way too snug on my bump, but this shirt was designed with your bump in mind. 

If you’re hot natured you may want to order the black shirt instead of gray so it won’t show if you’re sweating. 

And if you’re into proper grammar you will probably hate there’s no apostrophe in the word bump.

3. Santa’s Got Nothing On This Belly

This adorable short sleeve shirt is hilarious! 

You might as well embrace the size of your baby bump because it’ll be gone before you know it. 

Your family is sure to get a chuckle when you show up to events with this on.

4. Guess What Santa’s Bringing Me?

This shirt is awesome as a Christmas pregnancy announcement!

It’s short sleeve which is great if your activities are indoors and there will be people around making you hot and sweaty.

5. The Baby Made Me Eat It

If you plan on eating for two (or more) this is the shirt for you!

It’s so cute and funny and you can wear it for more than the holiday season. 

You will probably receive a few compliments from strangers about how funny (and relatable) this shirt is.

Famous last words…

Being pregnant during the holidays is a great time to make the most of your baby bump. 

Enjoy the extra food and good laughs while being comfy in one of these adorable shirts.

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5 comfy Christmas maternity shirts under $20

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