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How To Pack the Perfect Diaper Bag Every Time [Checklist]

Packing a diaper bag for the first time can be a daunting task. This diaper bag checklist will ensure you leave with everything you need.

how to pack the perfect diaper bag every time

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After all the hard work of birthing a baby, life sets in when you get discharged from the hospital. 

Now you’re responsible for the well-being of this little human. 

Once you start figuring out bedtime and getting into a daily routine, another dilemma pokes its dreadful head around the corner. 

What the heck do I pack in her diaper bag?  

You don’t want to be the mom who packs everything except the baby!

Now that I’ve figured out the diaper bag essentials it’s funny to look back and think about how nervous I was that I would forget something really important. 

Babies don’t require a lot. 

And since you never know when you’re going to have to rush out the door, a great idea is to always have your diaper bag stocked and ready to go.

It’s inconvenient when your baby poops all over their cute little outfit and you forgot to pack another one.

It’s also important to make sure you have a diaper bag that can fit everything you need without being heavy and bulky. 

I’ve found that diaper backpacks are very spacious. They’re also comfortable to carry.

Here are a few diaper bag essentials you should never leave the house without.

1. Diapers

Babies use about 6-8 diapers a day. So pack at least 6 diapers in case you’re gone a majority of the day. 

There have been times when we were going to the store for a few things. Five hours later we’re still out running around. 

You always want to make sure you pack a few more than you think you’ll need. 

It’s also important to make sure you update the diaper size. I’ve made this mistake and it’s so frustrating! 

My daughter moved up to size 1 diapers but guess who only had newborn diapers? 🙋

That meant I had to buy a brand new bag of diapers to make it until we got back home. 

We order our diapers in bulk through Amazon Family because we save 20% each month and it’s more convenient than running to the store in the middle of winter with a newborn. 

So make sure you switch out the diapers in your diaper bag as soon as you change sizes.

2. Wipes

We also buy our wipes in bulk so they come in handy individual packs. 

Our wipes auto-deliver every other month so that’s when I check to make sure there’s enough wipes in her diaper bag. 

If the current pack looks small I go ahead and replace it. Better to have too many wipes than not enough!

3. Diaper rash cream

Unfortunately, when you’re out running around it may be hours before you realize you haven’t changed your little one’s diaper. 

If you notice their little bottom getting red, go ahead and apply this cream as a way to stop it from getting worse. 

You can also put it on when you know it might be awhile before you change your baby’s diaper as a way to prevent diaper rash. 

No mom plans for her child to get a diaper rash so it’s better to have this cream handy just in case you need it.

4. Extra outfit

You don’t want to leave the house without a change of clothes. They will have a poopy blowout at the most inconvenient times.

The very first time I took my daughter out to eat with my family was pretty memorable. 

She was sleeping like an angel until the food came (great timing).

I got her out of the car seat to feed her and seen a horrific look on my mother’s face. 

I laid my daughter’s head on my shoulder and when I put my hand on her back I felt a squish. 

That’s when it all made sense.

She had poop up her back all the way to her hairline! 

My sister and I went to the restroom to get her cleaned up. It was definitely a 2 woman job. 

That would’ve been a disaster if I didn’t have an extra outfit packed. And the help of my sister, of course.

5. Pacifiers

If your baby is a pacifier addict this is something you NEVER want to leave the house without.  

When my niece was little she loved throwing her pacifiers out the window and crying hysterically after she had a good laugh. 

Since you never know when your little one will be a dare-devil with their pacifier, keep a few as backup in your diaper bag.

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    6. Changing pad

    This is essential to place over a changing station in a public restroom. A blanket doesn’t work out well because it slides all over the table as your baby squirms. 

    And, unfortunately, portable changing tables are often used by drug addicts so there may be dangerous leftover drug residue (read that story HERE). 

    A portable changing pad is much easier to handle since it’s thicker and more durable. 

    Cleaning and packing it is super quick and easy as well.

    7. Blanket

    Since the weather can change in the blink of an eye, consider packing a small plush blanket and a receiving blanket

    The receiving blanket also makes a great swaddle.

    8. Bibs

    When your baby is teething or if they spit up you’ll want to have extra bibs on hand so you can replace the saturated one.

    Pack at least 2 extra bibs depending on how long you plan on being out. 

    If your little one drools a lot you might want to pack even more.

    9. Hand sanitizer

    Nothing is worse than a sick baby.

    Since their immune system is still developing, something that may give you a cough could put your baby in the hospital.

    Hook this sanitizer onto your diaper bag so it’ll be with you at all times.

    Famous last words…

    Packing a diaper bag is an art form that gets easier each time. 

    The good thing is that once it’s packed you can easily add or take away items based on necessity. 

    Remember to always keep your diaper bag packed and ready to go with updated diaper sizes.

    You’ll have everything you need in case of accidents or emergencies. 

    And always make sure to pack a little extra than you think you’ll need.

    Are you positive you have everything you need on your baby registry?

    Stop guessing and tap that big pink button below to grab your free baby registry checklist.

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    5 thoughts on “How To Pack the Perfect Diaper Bag Every Time [Checklist]”

    1. This is so helpful. When my son was little, I was always the mom that forgot the extra outfit. ALWAYS. Without fail. However, I always had an excessive amount of pacifiers. I looked like a pacifier hoarder. I could keep an entire maternity ward full of babies calm with the amount of pacifiers I had. But heaven forbid anyone pooped through their outfit!

      1. You literally never know when you’re going to need another pacifier! They somehow manage to constantly disappear.

    2. Yes! This is so helpful especially for new moms. I never go anywhere without a extra outfit just in case. And I often end up using it!

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