11 Simple First Trimester Must-Haves For An Easy Pregnancy

Dominate your labor contractions like a pro even if you have zero pain tolerance.

Grab your free cheat sheet to find out 5 easy ways to overcome your labor fears even if you’re terrified of contractions and the thought of an epidural makes you want to cry.

11 Simple First Trimester Must-Haves For An Easy Pregnancy

Would you love a survival kit for the first trimester of pregnancy? This simple list of first trimester must-haves will provide you with everything you need to coast through this trimester of pregnancy!

first trimester must haves for an easy pregnancy

Morning sickness was my first pregnancy symptom. Except my body didn’t get the memo that it’s called MORNING sickness so I had nausea ALL. DAY. LONG.

The first trimester is exciting, but man can it be rough!

Nausea, fatigue, and odd symptoms you didn’t even know were pregnancy symptoms are just the beginning 13 weeks of a 40+ week marathon. 

To make your pregnancy easier and more enjoyable, here are all of the must haves I included in my first trimester survival kit.

Also, this is day 1 of a 3 day series. Here’s the complete series lineup: 

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1. Prenatal vitamins

After my pregnancy was confirmed, the first thing I did when I got home was start looking for a prenatal vitamin. Here’s the requirements I was looking for when browsing Amazon.

  • Easy to swallow
  • Take one pill a day (cause pregnancy brain is real!)
  • Plenty of iron
  • Contains DHA for healthy brain development
  • Vegetarian

I wanted a gummy vitamin because who the heck wants to swallow a pill every day when you have the option of eating a gummy? But I noticed that most of the gummy vitamin options don’t contain iron which is important for making extra blood and oxygen for you and baby. 

Using this website about how to choose the best prenatal vitamins, I compared the requirements with what was in the different vitamins I was seeing on Amazon. It was surprising how many vitamins didn’t meet these requirements. 

I ended up choosing this one and I’m still taking it while I’m breastfeeding. They’ve recently made improvements so I take 2 pills a day now instead of one, but they’re easy to swallow and my mom brain isn’t as bad as pregnancy brain (most days)!

2. Belly butter

One thing I wanted to prevent if at all possible was stretch marks. Not that there’s anything wrong with having stretch marks, I just didn’t want any (insert emoji).

I ordered this belly butter and used it every single day. Most days multiple times a day whenever my belly would get itchy from stretching. 

I didn’t start showing until the second trimester but I got in the habit of using this daily.

3. Leggings 

Need I say more? Leggings are comfortable pregnant or not. 

I already had plenty of leggings in multiple colors (these are my fave) so I wore those until my belly got bigger and it was time to order maternity clothes (aka leggings in a larger size).

4. Flowing tops

If you’re like most mamas, you want to keep your pregnancy as tight lipped as possible until the second trimester when your chances of miscarriage drop to less than 1%. (Source)

I ordered a few of these tops in different colors to go along with all of my leggings.

5. Water bottle

During the first trimester your body is creating amniotic fluid, getting rid of waste and toxins, producing extra blood along with so many other things which is why YOU NEED WATER. 

Keep a water bottle with you like this one so you can challenge yourself to keep up with your water consumption. 

I’m not a fan of water, but it helped when I would add fruit (or lemon when I was nauseated) to the water to amp up the flavor.

6. Anti-nausea sea band 

These bands helped with my morning all day sickness. I wore them mostly every day until they got annoying or sweaty. 

A few things to consider before grabbing a pack of these would be:

  • It’s basically a sweatband
  • There’s a ball putting pressure on your wrist (acupressure)

Since I was tired of being nauseous all day it was well worth the slight discomfort of having an annoying ball pressing against my wrists.

7. Pregnancy app

My FAVORITE pregnancy app is the What To Expect app! What I love the most about this app is that:

  • You get weekly updates so you’ll know what to expect each week in your pregnancy and after your baby is born
  • You can join communities like c-section mamas or breastfeeding mamas which are full of other moms to connect with
  • They have communities based on the month and year your baby was born (or your due date) so you’ll always have this group of moms to rely on (my community is December 2018)
  • They have short videos answering common questions or concerns plus each week of your pregnancy is a short video showing what’s happening in your body and how the baby is developing

There’s so much information available and it’s really easy to find what you’re looking for without being overwhelming.

8. Nursing bras

You may notice your breasts getting more tender which is completely normal. Having a nice supportive bra will be a game changer. 

I love these nursing bras because they’re comfy like a sports bra and they hold the girls up making them look nice.

9. Preggie pops

These are great for those times when you’re headed to get your favorite burrito but you don’t know if you’re gonna make it without having to pull over and vomit behind the Walgreens dumpster (true story). 

I learned the hard way to keep some of these in the car and my purse at all times!

10. Pregnancy journal 

I know 9 months sounds like forever, especially when you’re ready to meet this little human that’ll be your mini me. But you’ll be surprised how much you forget about your pregnancy once you have your baby. 

A pregnancy journal will help you remember those moments you may forget like the first time you felt a kick or how many centimeters you were dilated at your 38 week appointment.

11. Plenty of snacks 

The secret to keeping nausea and vomiting at bay is to make sure you never get hungry. As soon as your belly feels empty that little human will be sure to remind you he/she’s hungry in the cruelest way. 

I always keep quick snacks like granola bars or saltine crackers nearby to keep the little human (and myself) full and happy.

Famous last words…

These first trimester must-haves will help you dominate the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. 

Being prepared is the key to enjoying your pregnancy and making the most out of each trimester.

Grab your free cheat sheet to find out 5 easy ways to overcome your labor fears even if you’re terrified of contractions and the thought of an epidural makes you want to cry.

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dominating the first trimester has never been easier; 11 useful must haves
11 first trimester must-haves
11 first trimester must haves that make life so much easier

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