This list of dangerously practical gifts for breastfeeding moms will make life so much easier with a newborn. 

10 super useful gifts for breastfeeding moms

Being a breastfeeding mom is a time consuming task that has amazing benefits for both mom and baby. 

It feels like we never know if what we’re doing is good enough. 

Is my baby getting enough milk? How do I increase my milk supply? Should I wear a cover when nursing in public so everyone doesn’t stare at me? 

Getting a practical gift for a breastfeeding mom can help take some of the discomfort out of this unsure time and help boost her confidence.

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1. Nursing Cover

Nursing in public can be scary for a lot of new moms. 

This versatile nursing cover can be used as a scarf, car seat cover, high chair cover and the list goes on. 

Since it’s a neutral color it will work great for either a boy or girl. The more neutral items the better so they can be reused for other babies. 

I have this nursing cover and it works great! 

It’s lightweight and breathable so we’re not drenched in sweat by the time my daughter is finished eating.

2. Breastfeeding Starter Kit

Lansinoh has done breastfeeding moms a favor and put a bunch of goodies in one box for one low price! 

This kit includes:

Everything in this kit is sample size which will help mom figure out if she likes the product and wants to invest in the actual size. 

The first few weeks of breastfeeding as a new mom are intense! So this starter kit will help her transition with less pain and discomfort. 

It will also be great to keep at her breastfeeding station so it’s right there when she needs it.

3. Water Bottle

Drinking plenty of water is essential for a mom to keep her milk supply up. 

Once the baby is born it gets harder to find an extra second to drink an ounce of water let alone 8 cups of water. 

By having this clever water bottle she can easily tote it along with her to make sure it’s by her side whenever she’s thirsty or lacking on her water consumption. 

Plus the writing on the bottle makes it easy to track how much she’s had to drink for the day.

Mom tip: As an extra reminder to drink more water, use an app or set an alarm!

4. Nursing Clothes

Once you start breastfeeding, your wardrobe is determined by how easily accessible your boobs are so it’s not a struggle every time you need to feed your baby. 

I like to be discreet when I’m nursing in public since I’m not as comfortable with whipping my boob out and whoever sees something oh well (I’ll get there one day)! 

Some of these nursing tops aren’t specifically for breastfeeding, but they will make it much easier and quicker to get to the milk.


On those days when she wants something quick and comfy to throw on this long sleeve hoodie will be her go-to! 

Pair this with a nursing bra and tank top and she’s got easy access.


For those days when she wants to dress up more and get back to being a bombshell, this maxi dress is gorgeous! 

It’s flowy and bright which is sure to turn heads and get her plenty of compliments. 

If she’s a fan of shorter dresses, this flattering casual dress should do the trick! 

Both of these dresses have deep v-necks which are awesome for getting easy access for nursing sessions. She can throw a tank top on under either of these if the cut is too low. 

Plus, they’re both comfortable which makes it something she’ll actually wear.


After having a baby, her body may not be back to where she feels comfortable. 

This adorable loose blouse will help cover the postpartum baby pooch so she can leave the house more confident. 

She can dress it up or make it more casual depending on how she’s feeling. 

It also has the deep v-neck which easily turns normal clothes into nursing tops!

5. Pajamas

Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of pajamas? 

These pajamas are great for her to wear while pregnant  and after she gives birth. 

This is something she’ll want to throw in her hospital bag.


This cute nightgown has a flap that discreetly opens and closes making breastfeeding a breeze. 

It’s great for postpartum when you’re still recovering and you want something loose and comfortable to wear.

Top and pants

If she’s more comfortable in a short sleeve top and pants, this stretchy pajamas set will be perfect for her. 

It still has the easy open flap for breastfeeding plus the material is lightweight. 

After giving birth (and during pregnancy), hormones are like a jack-in-the-box. You never know what emotion or body temperature is going to jump out. 

She may be hot one second and cold the next. This breathable pajama set will keep her cool during fluctuations.

Top and shorts

For the mama who loves shorts, this comfy pajama set is for you! 

The best part is the shorts are elastic so you can adjust them depending on the size of your belly which makes them great for pregnancy and postpartum.

6. Robe

I live in my plush robe! 

On a typical day I’m wearing a nursing tank top, a pair of sweatpants that are 3 sizes too big, and my fuzzy robe. 

This robe makes my life so much easier and I’m sure it’ll do the same for you. 

I always thought robes were for grandparents (not sure why), but now I understand why people wear them. They’re so convenient to throw on and quickly take off. 

Sometimes I even get dressed for the day and wear my robe around the house over my clothes until it’s time to go somewhere. 

And in the hospital wearing a robe still made me feel put together even though I had been in labor for 41 hours and I’m sure I looked every bit of it!

7. Nursing pillow cover

A nursing pillow is a breastfeeding must have for any nursing mom. 

The most popular pillows are the Boppy and the My Brest Friend pillow. Once you know which pillow she has, grab her an extra slipcover. 

Sometimes babies get messy or milk decides to shoot out like Old Faithful. 

While one cover is in the washer, she’ll have a backup cover to use.

8. Breastfeeding reminder bracelet

As a breastfeeding mom, one question we ask ourselves multiple times a day is, “Which side did I use last time?” 

It’s the hardest thing to keep track of! 

A simple breastfeeding hack is to use this charming bracelet and put it on the side we nursed from last. 

This will help prevent her from getting engorged or developing mastitis.

9. Diaper caddy

It’s convenient to have a basket to carry around the house with you for those unexpected diaper changes or impromptu nursing sessions. 

This perfect diaper caddy will provide plenty of storage options so she’ll have everything she needs whenever she needs it. 

It’s lightweight but strong enough to tote whatever she needs.

10. Teething necklace

As her baby gets older, breastfeeding will turn into an acrobat performance similar to what you would see in Las Vegas. 

She’ll be nursing in positions she didn’t even know were possible for someone to eat in. 

This beautiful necklace is not only great for teething, but it’s also an awesome distractor. Instead of flipping around during nursing sessions, her little one can play with this necklace making them calmer and more focused on their meal.

Famous last words…

Getting a practical gift for a breastfeeding mom will help her journey be a bit smoother. 

As a mom, there are so many things to worry about and something as simple as a breastfeeding reminder bracelet can ease her mind. 

These gifts will provide the confidence she needs.

10 insanely useful gifts for breastfeeding moms

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