How to involve dad in breastfeeding: 5 easy ways

How to involve dad in breastfeeding: 5 easy ways

Are you worried that dad will feel left out while you’re breastfeeding? If you think your husband may hate that you breastfeed or you’ll get a lack of support from him, try to involve him during your breastfeeding journey using these 5 tips.

how to involve dad in breastfeeding: 5 easy ways

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When my daughter was born I didn’t want my husband to feel left out because I was the one providing a good chunk of the care for her. 

To help him feel like he was helping, he did certain things with her like bath time and getting her ready for bed.

This was something special that they did together while I would take a shower or straighten up the house

Breastfeeding is time consuming and can make your husband feel like chopped liver, so here’s a few ways to involve him in the breastfeeding journey.

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1. Educate him

If he knows the health benefits of breastfeeding, he’ll be more supportive and helpful.

This affordable course is a great option for both of you to learn a lot of helpful information about breastfeeding including the benefits, nursing positions, and how to keep your milk supply up.

2. Celebrate together 

When you accomplish your breastfeeding goals your husband should celebrate with you. 

When we hit our 6 month breastfeeding goal we went out to dinner to celebrate.

Decide how you both want to celebrate each milestone of breastfeeding.

3. Encourage their bonding 

Every night my husband would do the bedtime routine and that was their quality time together.

Encourage your husband to provide skin to skin contact as much as possible to help build their bond. 

Also, give him certain tasks to do like bath time or tummy time so they can have their own moments.

4. Pump

One way your husband can help with feedings (especially at night) is for you to pump and he can feed the baby during the night while you rest.

This is also a great way for you to get a break during the day without having to stop what you’re doing to nurse your baby.

5. Ask for help

Unfortunately, your husband isn’t a mind reader and has no idea what you need help with or if he’s just getting in your way.

Let him know if you need him to grab you a snack or help you position your little one’s head.

Famous last words…

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to exclude your husband. 

Find ways that he can help and give them quality time together. 

Take this course together so both of you will be prepared to crush your breastfeeding goals.

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    how to involve dad in breastfeeding (#2 is brilliant)

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