How to easily hide being pregnant during the first trimester

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Are you wondering how to keep your pregnancy a secret in the first trimester even with morning sickness, fatigue, and avoiding alcohol? These are the best tips for how to hide your pregnancy!

how to easily hide being pregnant during the first trimester

The excitement was killing me while sitting at my grandpa’s 87th birthday party surrounded by family and friends. 

My cousin’s eyes met mine and she motioned with her head to meet her in the den which I knew was code for “I’ve got alcohol, let’s get this party started!”

I quietly laughed and shook my head, making sure not to draw attention to our secret conversation. 

Nobody knew I was 4 weeks pregnant. 

I decided to keep my pregnancy a secret until the end of my first trimester.

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The main reason to keep your first trimester confidential

As much as I wanted to shout my pregnancy from the rooftops, I knew that 80% of miscarriages happen during the first trimester. (source)

A lot is changing with your body which is why weeks 0 through the end of week 13 have the highest risk for pregnancy related complications.  

During the second trimester, the risk of miscarriage drops to 1-5% according to March of Dimes.

4 sneaky ways to hide your pregnancy during the first trimester 

The first trimester is full of uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and increased urination. 

These symptoms aren’t always easy to hide, but this guide will give you the best tips for successfully hiding your pregnancy during the first trimester.

1. Lie

This is the oldest trick in the book. Small lies here and there is an easy way to cover up your pregnancy. 

The more elaborate your lies are, the more you’ll have to remember which is terrible when you have pregnancy brain.

2. Wear loose fitted clothes

You may not have much of a baby bump during your first trimester, but wearing loose fitted clothes is a great way to not draw attention to your expanding midsection.

3. Wear layers

Layering your clothes is a simple way to still look nice while concealing your pregnancy weight gain. 

Wearing a hoodie or a cute sweater over your shirt will easily cover your belly.

4. Tell someone you trust

Finding out you’re pregnant is exciting so it’s torture trying to keep it a secret. 

Tell a close friend about your pregnancy that you know is great at keeping secrets. This way you’ll get the excitement of sharing the amazing news without telling everyone.

6 brilliant ways to avoid alcohol without causing suspicion

When I was offered alcohol at my grandpa’s birthday party, it was easy for me to say no and move on. 

Everyone doesn’t take no to their drink request lightly. 

Here’s how to get out of drinking alcohol without your secret pregnancy being exposed.

1. Talk to the bartender ahead of time

Let the bartender know that you’re wanting to keep your pregnancy a secret so whenever you ask for a drink just give you a cup of water with a lemon wedge. 

This way it’ll still look like you’re enjoying a shot of vodka with your besties but only you and the bartender know the real truth.

2. Order your own drinks

Volunteer to order the alcoholic beverages so you’ll be in control of what you drink.

3. Swaparoo

This clever trick is when you sit next to your partner or a friend who knows you’re pregnant and after they drink their own drink you two swap cups. 

They’ll get your alcohol and you’ll get their empty glass making it look like you already drank your drink. 

Most people will have no idea what’s happening.

4. Virgin drinks

Many places have virgin drink options available that look identical to the alcohol version minus the alcohol. 

Only you and your server/bartender will know that your drink doesn’t contain alcohol.

5. Accept the drink

If someone brings you a drink, saying no may trigger all sorts of red flags. 

Accept the drink, and pretend to take a few sips. 

If you can slip away unnoticed with your cup, pour it down the sink.

6. Designated driver

This alcohol avoidance method usually works great because people will be grateful that you’re foregoing your night of drunken fun to ensure they get home safely.

3 devious ways to hide nausea and fatigue in early pregnancy

When you’re not feeling well it’s hard to act like yourself which may cause suspicion. 

These tips will help you effectively hide your nausea and fatigue so no one expects you’re pregnant.

1. Prepare in advance

Carry saltine crackers and preggy pops in your purse or hide them somewhere you know they won’t be seen. 

Be careful with the preggy pops because they say “preggy pops” on the package which is a dead giveaway that you’re pregnant. 

Take a few out of the package and pour them in a ziplock bag.

2. Have drinks available

Keep a few cans of sprite or ginger ale in your car or at your work desk so you can quickly grab one when you feel nauseous. 

These drinks shouldn’t cause suspicion as long as no one knows you’re drinking them because you feel nauseated. 

Also, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

3. Not feeling well

For those times when you feel really bad, tell someone you don’t feel well so they don’t suspect anything other than a common illness.

Famous last words…

Keeping your pregnancy a secret during the first trimester may be easier than you think. 

Since you’re not trying to hide a big baby bump, wearing layers and loose clothing won’t cause any suspicion. 

At the end of your 13th week of pregnancy, your risk of miscarriage drops considerably so you can stop hiding your amazing secret.

Dominate your labor anxiety with these 5 easy ways to overcome your labor fears.

how to easily hide being pregnant during the first trimester

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