More than mom planner

For the mom who's lost her identity and tired of feeling like "just a mom."

You love being a mom but you feel like you've lost yourself along the way and you're ready to do things for yourself again.

Some days this mom thing is overwhelming...

When my daughter was 6 weeks old I found myself sitting on the couch with tears streaming down my face. The dishes were overflowing the sink, the laundry was a small mountain, and the dust bunnies should’ve been chipping in on the mortgage. It was all just too much. 

It's time to stop feeling guilty for doing things that make you happy.

Maybe you know the feeling...


Like you don't know who you are anymore since becoming a mom and you desperately want to find something that brings you joy.


No matter how much you clean the house is a mess and you feel major mom guilt for needing a 30 minute break.


If you left would anybody even notice? You do so much to keep your home running smoothly and everyone happy but you feel like no one cares about your feelings.

Here's the thing...

You’re putting so much pressure on yourself to be everything to everyone that you’re not taking time to do anything for yourself. 

The truth is that the 4 biggest mistakes moms make are...


Prioritizing everyone else’s needs before their own. You can’t fill anyones cup if your cup is empty. 


Putting too much pressure on themselves to be supermom.


Thinking that needing a break makes them a bad mom.


Being made to believe that practicing self-care makes them selfish.

INTRODUCING the more than mom planner!

For the mom who's lost her identity and tired of feeling like "just a mom."

TAKE A peek INSIDe...

Goal setting

Set your monthly goals and plan the steps that you'll need to take to accomplish your goals.

weekly planner

Plan your to-do list, track your water intake, and plan your meals for the day all in one place.

daily planner

Keep track of what you want to get accomplished for the day and how you'll practice self-care.

fitness planner

Plan your workouts using the habit planner and check them off when you've completed them.

habit tracker

Start healthy habits by using the habit tracker to keep you motivated.

meal planner

Plan your meals for the week, organize your grocery list, and keep up with your recipes.

Imagine a world where...

You’re excited to get up in the morning because you know what your day has in store and you won’t be spinning your wheels trying to get everything done.  

Who doesn't love a bonus?

BONUS #1 Journal Prompts (VALUED AT $5)

These 10 journal prompts will help you dive deep and let go of fears that may be holding you back.

BONUS #2 Printable Positive Affirmations (VALUED AT $5)

These 16 printable positive affirmations will be your daily reminder of how awesome you are.


This is a digital product meaning it’ll be instantly downloaded to your electronic device immediately after purchase. Therefore, all sales are final.

The calendar in this planner is undated so you can fill it in and print it off every month.

The More Than Mom planner is a 40-page printable planner that also includes 16 printable positive affirmations and 10 journal prompts. 

What others are saying...

I love that this planner helps me focus on myself and doing things to improve my life and health which benefits my family as well.
Ashley W.
When I became a mom my life was consumed with all things baby. Taking a shower was even a struggle. Now I can plan time for myself every single day.
Christie L.
Being a mom can get overwhelming. When I started using this planner I felt like I had more control over how I spent my time.
Julie W.

Hey! I'm LaCresha!

Being the mom of a very active toddler and helping my husband with his real estate investing business along with running this website makes time management a priority to me. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities of motherhood but with the More Than Mom planner you’ll be able to manage your busy schedule while still making time to Netflix & Chill. 

Are you ready to take control of your time and happiness?

Don’t wait another second to start prioritizing your happiness. Your sanity and your family depends on it.


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