How To Treat Back Pain During Pregnancy: 6 Easy Ways

How To Treat Back Pain During Pregnancy: 6 Easy Ways

Your pregnant belly is putting so much pressure on your body causing aching back pain. Here are 6 easy ways you can get pregnancy back pain relief.

how to treat back pain during pregnancy: 6 easy ways

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Growing a human is hard work! 

From nausea to heartburn to feet that look like water balloons. 

Everyone tells you how amazing pregnancy is, but somehow that stuff gets left out. 

One of the most uncomfortable aspects during pregnancy is intense, never-ending back pain. 

Even if you move around like a squirming toddler you still can’t find a comfortable position. 

At night you toss and turn every 10 minutes to only be uncomfortable again 3 minutes later. 

The struggle is beyond real!

But what causes back pain during pregnancy in the first place?

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Causes of back pain during pregnancy

Besides the obvious factor of carrying around extra weight, there are different causes of back pain during each trimester of pregnancy. 

First trimester

While your hormones are adjusting to what your body needs to form a new life, this causes extra stress. 

The added hormones and stress can cause tension in your back among other places like a headache. 

Second and third trimester 

As your belly grows your posture may get worse since your body is trying to support the extra weight. 

Simple things like bending over can put extra stress and strain on your back and cause pain.

Mom tip: Squats should be your mean girl best friend. As much as you hate them you need them to help make labor easier. Squat to pick things up instead of bending.

How to treat back pain during pregnancy

This is how you can get rid of your nagging back pain once and for all.

1. Exercising

This is so important. It keeps your muscles from cramping which can cause even more pain and it helps fight off depression.

I did a different workout every single day no matter how bad I wanted to snuggle up on the couch and binge watch Netflix.

You will feel so much better.

When you’re in pain the last thing you want to do is move around. But force yourself to get up and do it (if you get the okay from your doctor).

Rotate which workouts you do so you don’t get bored.

Thanks to YouTube, finding fitness videos are a breeze and the best part is they’re free!

My favorite videos are by GlowBodyPT and BodyFit by Amy. They both have videos you can do while pregnant and after delivery. 

When you search YouTube for exercise videos make sure you add “prenatal” in your search box so it won’t be full of positions you and your belly can’t maneuver.

I’m pretty sure all of that stretching and exercising helped during my labor as well.

2. Pillow

This pillow is ah-mazing! Yes, it’s huge, but that’s what makes it so incredibly comfortable. 

If this pillow could fix things around the house, it would be the perfect spouse. 

You’ll feel like your sleeping on a cloud because it fits your body perfectly. 

There was no more tossing and turning. You can lay comfortably in one position for hours. 

It does come with a pillow cover but it may make you insanely hot (thanks hormones). 

This pillow is still useful after you have your baby. You can use it at night for breastfeeding and to prop yourself up when watching tv.

Definitely a pregnancy must have!

3. Arch support inserts

Bad posture could be a factor in what’s causing your back pain. These common body positions may be adding to your back pain:

  • Slouch while you sit
  • Stand for too long
  • Put most of your weight on one leg
  • Look down at your phone for long periods

Along with keeping your back straight and holding your chest high, shoe inserts will correct your posture enough while you stand that won’t be in pain all day.

They’re quick, simple and cheap. 

They may feel weird at first because it’s a new feeling for your feet, but as soon as you start walking around you will get immediate relief.

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    4. Maternity belt

    A maternity belt is a complete game changer! It takes so much pressure off of your back and pelvis.

    Think about how much extra weight your body is carrying. So it’s no surprise you have body aches and pains.

    This pregnancy band is not noticeable through clothes so no one will even know you’re wearing it.

    Having support for your back throughout the day will substantially minimize your back pain.

    It’s breathable so it won’t make you hot and it moves with you making it even more comfortable.

    I even took it to my OB/GYN to make sure it wasn’t causing any harm. She looked it over to make sure it was on properly and gave it her stamp of approval.

    5. Heating pad

    A heating pad can help relax tight muscles that are making your back hurt. 

    I like this one because it’s thick and soft plus it’s long enough to cover my entire back.

    My heating pad stayed in the same position on the couch. There was no point in moving it because I used it multiple times a day.

    You don’t have to worry about it moving around if you get uncomfortable. It fits snug to your body and stays with you.

    6. Prenatal massage

    Need I explain?! A prenatal massage is absolutely amazing!

    You can feel the massage therapist rubbing the tension and kinks away. It’s almost impossible to not fall asleep if they’re doing the job right. 

    It’s recommended to get a Swedish massage because it focuses on relaxing muscles and common areas of discomfort.

    A massage can help reduce stress and decrease depression symptoms.

    When to see a doctor

    Back pain during pregnancy is common although it’s uncomfortable. Seek medical attention if your back pain is unbearable or if it is a constant pain for more than two weeks. 

    Back pain is also a sign of miscarriage, preterm labor, or a urinary tract infection. If you have any of these symptoms in addition to your back pain, you should contact your doctor:

    • Fever
    • Vaginal bleeding
    • Burning while urinating

    Without these additional symptoms, you’re probably just having uncomfortable back pain that comes along with growing a human.

    Famous last words…

    If you’re having back pain you don’t have to deal with it.

    Try out at least one of these options and see if you’re able to get any relief.

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