Do You Want a Realistic Hospital Bag Checklist?

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This FREE Hospital Bag Checklist is Everything I Packed For Myself, My Husband, And Our Baby. It’s One Simple Page Of Just The Necessities! 


When you pack your hospital bag that means things are about to get real! Use this realistic hospital bag checklist to make sure you have everything you need!

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Your delivery date is getting so close you can hardly contain your excitement (and jitters). 

Everyone keeps telling you to start getting your hospital bag ready (along with everything else you need to get ready), but you have no idea what to pack in it!

I had that exact problem

By now you’ve probably looked at multiple YouTube videos and searched around on Pinterest before stumbling here. 

You’ve seen what everyone packed in their hospital bag and every list is different. 

Instead of telling you every single thing I packed in my hospital bag, this is a list of the most important items I actually used and that I will pack in my bag for all of my deliveries. 

Plus one major thing I wish I would’ve packed!

If you want to see everything I packed in my hospital bag, don’t worry! Just click the button below and I’ll send you a complete hospital bag checklist!

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When To Pack

The first thing to decide is when should you start packing your hospital bag. 

I started throwing items in my hospital bag at 30 weeks. My pregnancy was going smooth and there was no concern of me going into labor early. 

Instead of using one of my nice travel duffel bags to take to the yucky hospital (I’ve seen what happens in those rooms), I ordered this one that I will use for all of my deliveries. 

At 35 weeks is when I got serious about packing important stuff in my hospital bag. 

I got travel size items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and deodorant for me and my husband. 

That way we wouldn’t have to worry about packing items we use every day. 

As long as you’ve packed the necessities by 37 weeks that’s a great start.

How Much To Pack

The length of your hospital stay varies from place to place. 

The best option is to ask your doctor how long you would stay for a vaginal delivery and how long for a c-section. 

Bring a little extra just in case everything doesn’t go as planned.

1. Extra-Long Phone Charger

There are so many plugins in a hospital room, but most of the plugins by your bed are already taken by important machines. 

We ended up getting 10ft long phone chargers so I was able to reach my phone from the bed. If you have a c-section you’re going to be pretty sore at first so getting in and out of bed is a struggle. 

With an extra-long phone charger, you can consume your time in the hospital without losing your mind from boredom. 

Let’s face it, that beautiful bundle of joy sleeps over 15 hours a day so if you don’t have visitors or a hobby, you’re going to be bored out of your mind. 

Hello social media! 

I looked at Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest so much I gave myself a headache. 

So if you’re a social media junkie or use your electronic devices for almost everything you will want to grab this phone charger.

2. Robe

There’s something about wearing a nice robe that doesn’t make you feel as frumpy even though you haven’t fixed yourself up. 

I lived in my robe the entire hospital stay. It was so comfortable and my boobs were easily accessible which is a must if you plan on breastfeeding. 

Under my robe I would wear a nursing tank top that I could easily unlatch with one hand. 

It’s pretty cold in those hospital rooms so this robe will keep you warm.

3. Nursing Pillow

As a breastfeeding mom, you’ll want to bring your nursing pillow so the lactation consultant or nurses can teach you how to use it properly. 

If you have any questions they should be able to help you before you go home and feel more confused than Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. 

Breastfeeding is hard work and it doesn’t take much to feel like a failure, so take advantage of the knowledge your hospital staff has. 

For some reason, I thought only the lactation consultant would be able to help me with breastfeeding, but the nurse’s aide provided the most help. 

She showed me how to hold my daughter in different breastfeeding positions because even though I had seen many pictures, it’s completely different when you’re doing it in real life with a fragile baby human. 

She also helped us get the perfect latch and kept me stocked with nipple cream (a complete lifesaver)! 

Whatever you plan on using for breastfeeding bring it with you and ask as many questions as you need until you feel comfortable. 

And if you feel like your nurse or any of the staff isn’t being helpful don’t be afraid to request someone else. 

Nurses are human too and sometimes we have bad days and get stuck with really mean or difficult patients.  

Tell your nurse your concerns and if you don’t feel like they care ask their supervisor for someone else. 

Make the most of your hospital stay and soak up as much information as you can.

4. Chapstick

I can’t emphasize the importance of chapstick enough!  

I’m not sure what it is about the hospital environment that makes your lips and skin feel like Spongebob Squarepants when he doesn’t have any water. 

My favorite chapstick is Burt’s Bees. It gives your lips that invigorating tingle like you can feel it working and making everything plump and moisturized. 

Keep this close to your bedside at all times

As soon as everyone leaves the room is when you’ll notice your lips are beyond dry and your chapstick is so far away it may be on its own continent.

5. Going Home Outfit

Once you have your baby your belly doesn’t instantly shrink back down to its pre-pregnancy size (that makes me angry too). 

Bring a comfy pair of maternity pants that are pretty loose in case you end up having a c-section. 

If you plan on taking cute pictures make sure you bring those outfits as well.

6. Hair Ties

You can not have enough hair ties. Those things get lost like socks in a dryer. 

I have no idea how many hair ties I went through during my 3-day hospital stay. When we got home we found one inside of my pillowcase! 

Don’t ask me how it got in there but it did. 

It’s annoying when you’re trying to feed your baby and your hair keeps falling in their cute little face and you’re struggling to keep it back. 

Just typing that sentence wore me out. 

I bought a brand new pack of hair ties because they’ll eventually get used anyway.

7. Adult Diapers

This is the major item I wish someone would have told me to pack! 

After you have your baby you’re going to have some bleeding which is your body’s way of getting rid of all the tissue and other necessities it needed to grow a human. 

The hospital gives you the unsexiest pair of fishnet underwear (they call it mesh) and a twin mattress (they call it a pad). 

You are somehow supposed to get this mattress to stay in the fishnet underwear like a Penn & Teller magic trick. 

The struggle was real

One night I woke up to my daughter ready to eat but I noticed something was…out of place. 

That twin mattress had migrated its way up to the middle of my back. 

Luckily, I had a few bottles pumped so my husband was able to feed our daughter while the nurse’s aide helped me get cleaned up. 

You never know how much you appreciate a nice hot shower until you can’t take one. 

Moral of the story. Grab a pack of these and put them in your hospital bag now.

Famous Last Words…

These 7 items are necessities for your hospital bag. Of course, I packed more than this and only used a few of those things. 

You can grab a copy of my complete hospital bag checklist by clicking the button below. 

This checklist is only the items I actually used because like a typical first-time mom I packed like I was taking a cross country road trip. 

Happy packing!

Grab Your FREE Realistic Hospital Bag Checklist!

This Hospital Bag Checklist Is Everything I Packed In My Hospital Bag And Actually Used.
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