10 Essential Rules For Visitors After Baby is Born

After you have your baby, your family (especially grandparents) will be so excited to visit and hold your newborn. You’ll be worried about all the germs and having too many visitors passing your baby around. This post will help you set boundaries and deal with visitors after your baby is born.

10 essential rules for visitors after baby is born; mom with newborn lying on bed

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Having rules for visitors after your baby is born is one of the many ways you’re protecting your little one.

These rules can be whatever you want them to be. Nothing is too over the top when it comes to the health and well-being of your child

When my daughter was born everyone had to wash their hands and I didn’t hesitate to tell anyone who smelt like stinky cigarette smoke to leave. 

One of the best pieces of advice I received while I was pregnant was to speak up and parent however I saw fit no matter who didn’t agree. 

You should do the same.

Here are a few ideas to consider when making rules for visitors after your baby is born.

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1. Hand washing 

This rule should be a given but some people get offended when you ask them to wash their hands before holding your baby. 

We do so many things with our hands throughout the day and even though we can’t see the germs, our hands are filthy.

Don’t be nervous to tell someone they need to wash their hands before holding your baby.

2. Don’t kiss the baby 

Even though their faces are so cute and their cheeks are so kissable, for your baby’s safety people shouldn’t kiss them.

HERE is an example of why people shouldn’t kiss your newborn and ways to keep them safe.

3. No visiting if you have a cough 

My friend’s daughter recently got released from the hospital after recovering from RSV which she most likely got from someone who said their cough was “just allergies.”

Illnesses that only cause mild symptoms for adults can be very dangerous for newborns. Make sure to ask if anyone has had a cough or fever within the last 24 hours.

4. Call before visiting 

Since babies have erratic sleep schedules it’s a good idea to sleep whenever they sleep. This means your schedule will look different from everyone else’s.

You may be taking a nap with your little one at 1pm when someone wants to come over so let people know to call first to make sure it’s a good time for visitors.

5. Keep visits short 

You may know of a chatty Kathy who long overstays her welcome and doesn’t take the hint it’s time for her to leave even though you’ve mentioned you need to take a shower 5 times. 

Consider setting a time limit for visitors so you can make sure you get plenty of rest and time to recover.

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6. Ask before bringing your kids 

Children carry a lot of germs that can easily get you or your newborn sick. This is why my hospital has a rule that no one under the age of 12 can visit unless they’re a sibling.

A newborn’s immune system is weak so it’s important to limit contact with children and to make sure they wash their hands well before holding your baby.

7. Don’t wake up the baby

When someone comes over they may expect to hold the baby even if they’re sleeping. Let them know if it’s okay to wake up your baby or not to hold him.

8. No posting pictures on social media without permission 

Have you ever heard of digital kidnapping? If you haven’t here’s what happened to one of my friends.

My friend’s sister came over to visit and took a picture of her newborn baby and posted it on social media (with permission). A few days later my friend saw that her sister’s boyfriend (who she had never met) had her newborn baby’s picture as his profile picture on Facebook.

She was so creeped out and told her sister to have him take down the picture. 

Her sister was also shocked because he didn’t even ask to use the picture. He took a screenshot of the picture and posted it as if it was his picture. 

This is called digital kidnapping.

Some people are creepy so your family and friends should have your permission before posting your child on social media.

9. No unsolicited advice 

Getting unsolicited parenting advice will never end. And no matter how many times you tell people you don’t want their advice they may still continue to tell you how you should raise your child. 

Remind people that you don’t want their advice and if you do want their advice you know how to contact them.

10. No smelling like smoke or perfume 

Smokers can’t always tell when they smell like smoke so you may need to let them know.

“Passive smoke exposure increases the risk of lower respiratory infection in infants” according to Respiratory Research.

Heavy scents can affect your newborns breathing so this is an important rule to enforce.

Famous last words…

Making rules for visitors after your baby is born is one of the many ways you’ll keep her safe. 

Don’t let anyone make you feel bad or crazy for trying to protect your newborn. Make any rules that you feel are necessary and stand your ground.

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    10 essential rules for visitors after baby is born

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