Is It Almost Your Due Date?

The Things To Prepare Before Delivery Checklist (FREE) Is Everything That Should Be Prepared Before You Bring Home Your New Bundle Of Joy!

8 Essential Things To Prepare Before Delivery

After 9 long, uncomfortable months it’s almost time to meet your bundle of joy! This list of things to prepare before delivery will let you coast and relax until that special moment.

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You’re waiting for your due date like a kid waiting for school to end so they can start basketball tryouts. 

It’s super exciting, but you’re so nervous that you’re not ready! 

You’ve done all of the nesting your house can handle and now you’ve been binge-watching Jane the Virgin on Netflix for the last 3 days. 

You keep thinking “There’s gotta be something I’m missing?”

This checklist of things to prepare before delivery will make sure you don’t miss anything important!

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1. Bags packed 

Start packing hospital bags for you, your partner, and your baby around 30 weeks. This will be helpful in case you go into labor earlier than planned. 

The last thing you want to do if your water breaks unexpectedly is run around finding what you need for your hospital bags. 

Don’t be like me and not finish packing your bag and now you’re throwing random clothes you haven’t been able to fit in months into your bag between contractions. 

You can grab travel size supplies like deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner at stores like Walmart or Walgreens. That way you won’t have to worry about packing the stuff you use daily. 

The best place to put your bags are by the door that you’re going to go out of when you go to the hospital. That will make it harder for you or your partner to miss the bags on your way out. 

It may also be helpful to put a big note on the door that says “grab laptop” or “grab phone chargers” since those are things you may not be able to pack early.

2. Freezer meals 

You’re not going to feel like cooking when you get home with your baby! The last week before your due date, you should make your favorite meals and freeze them.

You will be so tired that eating becomes an inconvenience in your life. If you have to choose between eating or sleeping, you’re going to choose sleeping every time! 

But if you have your favorite food you’re more likely to have someone hold the baby while you refuel.

3. Pick a pediatrician 

It’s nice to have your pediatrician picked before you go to the hospital so you can read reviews about them before making your decision. 

Sometimes you can even make an appointment with the pediatrician before you have your baby so you can meet them and see if you like them. 

If you don’t pick a pediatrician before you go into labor don’t worry!

You’ll still see a pediatrician in the hospital and if you like them you can usually have them be your baby’s doctor.

4. Baby’s sleeping area prepared 

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to decide is where your baby is going to sleep. You’ll need to make that area safe.

It’s recommended that your baby sleeps in your room for at least the first 6 months to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Whether you decide to bed-share or place them in a bassinet/ crib, have the area prepared in advance. 

You will probably be getting up every 2-3 hours, if even that long, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. 

I chose to bed share using a DockATot because getting out of bed every 2 hours was exhausting and painful after my c-section.

Bed sharing is a controversial topic, but do what’s best for your family!

Parents accidentally fall asleep with their baby on a couch, glider, or a bed that hasn’t been made safe and that’s unfortunately how many babies die each year from suffocation. 

Think long and hard about your sleeping arrangements

If you know there’s a chance you may fall asleep while rocking your baby in the glider at 3 am maybe you should take safety precautions such as having a night light or feeding your baby while walking around rather than sitting.

5. Wash your baby’s clothes 

To get the chemicals out of the clothes before your baby wears them you’ll want to wash the clothes first. 

There’s no need to wash them in hot water. Simply use baby safe detergent or your regular detergent. 

Wash the clothes at any time during your pregnancy. 

I waited until I was 38 weeks pregnant to wash all of my daughter’s clothes. The basket was overflowing and it was one of the longest days of my life. 

It makes me cringe just thinking about it!

6. Install car seat

This is something else you may want to do as early as possible. Hospitals will typically not let you leave the hospital without a car seat.

If you don’t have the car seat installed when you go into labor it may be an inconvenience for whoever has to pick it up if you live far away. 

Try to have the car seat installed around week 30 especially if you rarely use your backseat. 

Check with your local police department or fire department to see if they have a certified Child Passenger Safety technician that can make sure the car seat is installed properly.

7. Do a practice run

You don’t want to be in labor and your husband is driving around the hospital looking for the right entrance and now you’re at the senior center having intense contractions! 

Do a quick practice run by driving to the hospital and picking out the right entrance. 

If you’re not going through the emergency room, you can go inside and find your way to the labor and delivery unit. 

Preparation is key!

8. Clean & organize

The final thing you’ll want to do is have everything cleaned and organized. It’ll be a while before you get a daily routine which means bye-bye clean house. 

If anyone offers to clean accept the help! Don’t be embarrassed about your dirty house. 

Chances are they’ve been in your position and that’s why they want to help. 

If you can afford it hire a maid! Trust me, you don’t have to be rich. It’s worth looking into for someone to come deep clean your house while you get as much rest as possible.

Famous last words…

Use the last few weeks of your pregnancy to relax and practice some self-care. 

The things to prepare before delivery checklist will make sure you’ve accomplished everything that needs to be done. 

From here on out it’s smooth sailing!

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