20 Practical Third Trimester Must-Haves For An Easy Pregnancy

This survival kit for the third trimester of pregnancy is all of the must-have items for mom that’ll help make your pregnancy easier!

20 practical third trimester must-haves for an easy pregnancy

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You’ve made it to day 3 of this 3 day series of all my favorite must-haves for each trimester! If you’ve missed the previous days, no worries! Here’s the complete series:

The third trimester, week 28 until you give birth,  is usually when you start preparing your baby’s eviction notice. But only after the maternity photos are done, you’ve gotten your 3D ultrasound, and the nursery is set up and ready for use. 

Your nausea and fatigue may have returned and you may have aches and pains in places you didn’t even know could hurt. 

Resist the urge to search for ways to induce labor quickly. Enjoy these last few weeks and trust that your baby will arrive at the perfect time. 

Easier said than done, I know. 

Here’s a list of items from the first trimester and second trimester that I continued using during the third trimester:

To help you make the most of this last trimester, here’s all of the must-haves I’ve found to be very beneficial.

14. Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

This is the trimester I officially turned into a dragon. I had the worst heartburn and every time I burped I’m sure there was fire coming out of my mouth. 

I tried the suggested remedies like eating smaller meals, eliminating certain foods, and elevating my pillow while I slept. Nothing helped. 

After listening to my husband snore for an hour while I flipped and flopped in my body pillow like a fish out of water, I woke him up almost in tears because I couldn’t deal with the discomfort anymore. I was so sleepy! 

He mixed 1 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in a glass of hot water with a splash of honey. I chugged it down (it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be). 


Less than 5 minutes after drinking the concoction I was no longer a dragon. I only needed this remedy about 3 times when my heartburn was really bad.

Safety tip: unpasteurized ACV hasn’t been proven safe or unsafe during pregnancy so use at your own risk (source).

15. Birthing ball

I knew I wanted to use a birthing ball during labor so I began practicing around 30 weeks. 

According to mama natural, a few benefits of using a birthing ball includes:

I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth so I made sure to exercise daily so I wouldn’t gain too much weight which could make labor more difficult.

16. Hypnobabies 

This is the secret sauce to me being able to make it through 31 hours of unmedicated labor. Well, Hypnobabies along with my jacuzzi bathtub.

A few things I love about Hypnobabies are:

I listened to the positive affirmations daily, but I didn’t make it through all of the steps before I went into labor. 

Even without completing the entire course, I still felt well prepared for labor and I was no longer terrified of contractions.

17. Netflix 

This is the trimester to relax and enjoy lying on the couch all day watching Netflix without interruptions. Well, the only interruption will be you having to pee every 15 minutes.

18. Compression socks 

Compression socks are important because they promote circulation of the blood and can help with swelling in your legs and feet. 

These socks can be uncomfortable because they need to fit snuggly to work best, but having swollen feet is also uncomfortable so you’ll definitely want to prevent that as much as possible.

19. Comfy shoes 

My favorite flats to wear are Sperry’s or Tom’s. With the extra weight, you’ll be putting more pressure on your feet so a comfortable pair of shoes are a necessity. 

Another option besides buying new shoes would be to use these shoe inserts and simply place them into your favorite pair of shoes. They’re uncomfortable at first but you’ll get used to them and eventually love them!

20. Pantyliners

Near the end of your pregnancy, you may start noticing more discharge as your body gets ready to evict your baby. 

Keep panty liners in stock so you’ll be prepared for those moments. Also, make sure you take a few with you when you leave the house so you don’t have to leave dinner early to run into Walmart. 

You’ll also need them postpartum so they’ll be worth the money.

Famous last words…

Alright mama, this list of third trimester must-haves should help you have everything you need for an easy peasy pregnancy. 

Check out the first trimester must-haves and second trimester must-haves as well to see if there’s anything else that could make this process even easier!

20 third trimester must-haves
20 third trimester must-haves that make life so much easier

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