How To Take Your Newborn Out In Public Without Getting Sick

Want a few ideas of safe places to take your newborn?

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This FREE cheat sheet of places to take your newborn will give you a few ideas of places to go with less chance of either of you getting sick!

How To Take Your Newborn Out In Public Without Getting Sick

Are you wondering when is it safe to take a newborn out in public? Do you need to wait for your baby to have their shots first? I’ve got those answers plus the best tips for keeping your newborn safe while out and about!

how to take your newborn in public without getting sick

The first time I left the house with my daughter was an experience I’ll never forget. 

Even though it’s not necessary to wait 6 weeks before taking a healthy, full-term baby in public, I was one of those super paranoid moms afraid that she would get sick. 

Sitting at home for over a month was starting to take a toll on my mental health so my mom convinced me to go out to eat with her and my sister. 

After I thought about it for way too long I decided I needed to get out because I was going crazy cooped up in the house for 6 weeks.

And let me tell ya, it was pretty memorable!

We were sitting at the table chit chatting and my daughter was sleeping like an angel until the food came (of course).

I got her out of the car seat praying she wasn’t hungry because I was still terrified to breastfeed in public. When I picked her up I saw a horrific look on my mom’s face.

I laid my daughter’s head on my shoulder and when I put my hand on her back I felt a squish.

That’s when it all made sense.

She had poop up her back all the way to her hairline!

My sister and I went to the restroom to get her cleaned up which was not very easy trying to keep a squirming baby from falling off the changing table.

It was like performing surgery on a patient without anesthesia.

Me: “Wipe.”

Sister: Hands me a wipe.

Me: “Diaper.”

Sister: Hands me a diaper.

Luckily, packing an extra outfit is part of my diaper bag must-haves

Before we get to the ways you can make taking your newborn out in public less memorable than my experience, here’s a few common questions.

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How soon can you take a newborn out in public?

Most medical experts agree that healthy, full-term newborns can be taken outside or in public as soon as you feel ready. 

There’s no need to wait 6 weeks or until your baby has been vaccinated. (source)

But that doesn’t mean to pack up your newborn and head to the airport. 

You want to avoid crowded places that are breeding grounds for germs like schools, malls, airports, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. 

Enclosed places like these can house airborne germs which may linger for hours (like the measles) long after the infected person has left. 

You may want to wait the full 6-8 weeks before taking your newborn to these enclosed spaces with large crowds. 

Use the places to take your newborn cheat sheet to find safe options to get some fresh air.

Can you take a newborn out before immunizations?

If you have a healthy, full-term newborn there’s no reason to wait for immunizations before taking your newborn out in public. 

Unless your pediatrician has advised you to keep your newborn home, getting out of the house is beneficial for both of you.

Benefits of taking your newborn outside

Getting some fresh air helps reduce your chances of developing postpartum depression by improving your mood and calming your newborn. (source)

The sunlight provides you both with vitamin D which is needed for healthy bones and teeth.

Safety tip: Since babies are more susceptible to sunburn, limit direct sun exposure to less than 15 minutes. Use a cover or sunscreen to protect their delicate skin. (source)

Tips for taking your newborn out in public 

These are the best ways to make your outings with your newborn go smoothly. Being prepared makes all the difference.

1. Babywearing

This is by far the best way to do anything with a newborn. 

After being held 24/7 in your belly, it’s scary when they don’t feel your comfort in this new environment. 

Babywearing gives your newborn the comfort of still being next to you while you have both hands free to do whatever you need to do. 

I also love babywearing because if your newborn is snuggled up next to you, people are less likely to try to touch your baby. 

And if it’s a bit cool outside your body heat will help keep your newborn warm.

Mom tip: My favorite baby carrier is THIS ONE. It’s easy to get on and fits snugly so I know my daughter is safe and secure.

2. Keep it simple

For your first time taking your newborn out in public, keep your trip short and simple. 

This will help you get used to being out of the house and you can also see how your newborn will react to the sunlight and fresh air.

The places to take your newborn cheat sheet has plenty of ideas for quick outings.

3. Speak up 

People love looking at newborn babies. People also love touching newborn babies.

Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell someone you don’t want them to touch your baby especially during cold and flu season.

I’d much rather have a stranger think I’m a “you know what” than be sitting at the ER with a sick newborn. 

If you smile and politely let the person know you’d rather them not touch your baby most people will understand. 

Either way, it’s your baby so do whatever you feel necessary to protect them.

Mom tip: If you don’t want to tell everyone not to touch your baby or you’re not comfortable speaking up, THIS CUTE SIGN for your baby’s car seat should do the trick!

4. Set realistic expectations 

Life as a mom will forever be full of surprises. 

Even the most thought out plans still may not work and that’s okay. 

You’ve gotta be flexible and learn to make lemonade when life gives you apples (moms are super innovative).

Your baby may have a complete breakdown while you’re out and you feel like everyone is staring at you and judging you. 

I’m sure 99% of moms have dealt with a crying newborn in public, you’re not alone.

5. Pre-pack your diaper bag

When you go anywhere with a newborn you want to have everything you could possibly need without taking the entire house. 

HERE are my diaper bag must-haves with a free printable checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. 

Always have your diaper bag packed and ready to go for those times when you need to rush out the door. And if you pack in advance it’s more likely you won’t forget something important (like diapers).

6. Ask your pediatrician

It’s always a good idea to check with your pediatrician to make sure whatever you’re considering is safe. 

Your pediatrician will let you know how long you should wait before taking your newborn out in public. 

If your baby was born prematurely or has a health condition making them more susceptible to infection, your pediatrician will be the best person to inform you of extra safety precautions.

7. Wash your hands…frequently

Most people are contagious before they show any symptoms of being sick. 

This is why it’s very important to wash your hands frequently and whoever will come into contact with your newborn NEEDS to wash their hands as well. 

To find out how to properly wash your hands to protect your newborn CLICK HERE (you may be doing it wrong).

8. Avoid too many layers

It’s normal as a new mom to think you need to dress your baby in a long sleeve onesie, footed pajamas, and a fuzzy coat because there’s a breeze outside. 

In reality, your baby only needs the same amount of layers you’re wearing. 

If you’re wearing pants put pants on your baby. If you’re wearing a jacket put a jacket on your baby.

Mom tip: Pack a small blanket just in case you feel like your baby needs an extra layer.

Famous last words…

Taking your newborn out in public doesn’t have to be difficult.

Plan ahead and be flexible for the situations you couldn’t have planned for. 

Babywearing is by far my favorite way to get things done with a newborn and my favorite way to keep strangers from touching my baby.

Leaving the house with your newborn doesn’t have to be hard or scary!

Want a few ideas of safe places to take your newborn?

places to take your newborn mockup

This FREE cheat sheet of places to take your newborn will give you a few ideas of places to go with less chance of either of you getting sick!

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how to take your newborn in public without getting sick

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